Session 7


Clean technologies and sustainable development strategies

Organised in partnership with Department of International Trade 


The decarbonisation of the global economy and the implementation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) drive changes in the Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance in the mining and metallurgical industry. Many mining companies in Kazakhstan are reviewing their sustainability strategies and are actively implementing technologies and projects that help minimise their environmental footprint, reduce CO2 emissions and waste, and use energy and water more resources efficiently.

Discussion themes

• Meeting the demand for sustainable development technologies in Kazakhstan and Central Asia.
• Sustainable technologies for underground mines, water supply, processing plants.
• Solutions for industrial energy and processing areas.

Tim Archer
Managing Director
Reid Geophysics

11:00 - The use of InSAR technology to monitor Ground Motion in Mining

Kevin Porter
Sales Director
Terra Motion

11:10 - Measuring and mitigating the environmental impacts at mining projects using MineLCA

Robert Pell
Founder & CEO

11:20 - Mine Ventilation: Innovations in Equipment and Technology

Johan Kempe
Business Development Manager - Mine Ventilation

11:30 - Concrete Canvas application in the mining industry

Ildar Yamaliev
General director
Concrete Canvas

11:40 - Efficient rental power generation solution

Irek Amirov
Deputy Head of Sales
Aggreko Eurasia