About exhibition

Venue: Radisson Astana, Nur-Sultan 010000, Republic of Kazakhstan, Sary Arka Avenue 4.

Hours: The exhibition is held 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. April 6-7, 2022.

Exhibition of innovative mining technologies, solutions and projects

The 12th Mining Trade & Investment Exhibition will be held at the Astana Radisson Hotel as part of MINEX Kazakhstan 2022. 

National and international companies, universities and state sector organisations will present investment projects, technological solutions, and services for the mining and geological industries in Kazakhstan and Central Asia. 

Venue: Radisson Astana, Nur-Sultan 010000,
Republic of Kazakhstan, Sary Arka Avenue 4.

Hours: The exhibition is held
9 a.m. to 6 p.m.
April 6-7, 2022.

Floor Plan

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What is presented at the exhibition?


  • Automation and digital technologies. 
  • Database analysis and management. 
  • Airborne geophysical research and equipment. 
  • Drilling equipment and services. 
  • Explosives and blasting services. 
  • Geological prospecting services. 
  • Geotechnologies and hydromechanization. 
  • Hydrogeology and water use. 
  • Mining construction services. 
  • Dredging equipment. 
  • Engineering and consulting services. 
  • Conveyor systems. 
  • Laboratory equipment and measuring instruments. 
  • Mine Modelling and planning software. 
  • Monitoring and security equipment. 
  • Environmental monitoring systems. 
  • Risk and industrial safety management systems. 
  • Satellite navigation and geodetic systems. 
  • Technologies for processing and enrichment of gold and precious metals. 
  • Technologies of digitalisation and automation of mining production. 
  • Transport technologies and equipment. 
  • Chemical products for the mining industry. 

Industry, Regulation, Education

  • National and international mining and metallurgical companies 
  • Geological and Prospecting companies. 
  • Branch departments of local ministries. 
  • State geological information services. 
  • State Geological Committees. 
  • State Geological companies. 
  • Research institutes. 
  • Industry associations. 
  • Universities and Academic organisations. 


  • Audit firms. 
  • Banks and brokerage companies. 
  • Stock and commodity exchanges. 
  • Investment companies and private equity funds. 
  • Financial consultants.  
  • Financial institutions and organisations. 

Opportunities for exhibitors

• Positioning on the most successful and dynamic international industry platform in Central Asia.
• Branded and meeting point for regular and potential customers at the company’s physical stand.
• Presentation of new products and projects at the company’s virtual stand to attract the attention of physical and online participants.
• Opportunities for organising presentation at the Forum.
• Access to the full list of participants of the forum.
• The ability to schedule physical and virtual meetings with the forum participants through the mobile application
• An unlimited number of visitor passes to the exhibition.
• A possibility for organising surveys and interviews at the booth.
• The opportunity to hold a quiz or contest at the company’s booth and award the winners at the evening networking events of the forum.
• The ability to publish company news and announcements in the information section of the forum website and social media.
• The possibility of publishing in the national and international media the contracts or agreements signed during the forum.

Access to the list of participants through the mobile application of the Forum.

Sending push notifications and invitations through the mobile application to the forum participants.

Ability to schedule meetings with forum participants via mobile application.

Opportunity to run quizzes and contests at the company’s booth and award the winners during the networking events of the Forum.

Ability to publish information and company news.

Publication of presentations and materials on the virtual exhibition booth.

Presentation of cases and technological solutions at the technical sessions of the Forum (at the discretion of the program committee). Presentation of projects, technologies and solutions at competitions organised within the framework of the Forum.

33 companies and organisations presented at the the exhibtion services and technologies for geological exploration, assessment of mineral reserves and resources, mine planning, extraction and processing of metals and minerals, software, improving industrial safety, etc. Over 600 local and international mining professionals visited the exhibition.

The previous exhibition of the MINEX Kazakhstan Forum was held on 3 – 4 April 2019.

Who participates MINEX Kazakhstan?


  • Mining and exploration companies – 34%
  • Mining consultants – 16%
  • Civil servants – 12%
  • Technology companies – 9%
  • Financial and investment companies – 7%
  • Media – 7%
  • Academic organisations – 5%
  • Manufacturers of machinery and equipment – 4%
  • Industry associations – 3%
  • Lawyers and auditors – 2%
  • Construction companies – 1%


  • Kazakhstani companies – 50%
  • Overseas companies – 30%
  • Companies from the Eurasian Economic Union area – 20%

(More than 20 participating countries)

Who visits exhibition?

In 2019, the exhibition was visited by more than 600 specialists from Kazakhstani and international companies. About 80% of the forum participants and visitors of the exhibition are senior managers of companies, including chairmen of the boards of directors, members of the boards of directors, ceos, financial directors, managing directors, chief engineers, technical directors, production directors, chief technologists, etc.