Hybrid platform – MINEX Kazakhstan 2022


MINEX Kazakhstan Forum is organised in a hybrid format connecting remote and in-person delegates, speakers and exhibitors.

Access to the MINEX Kazakhstan sessions as well as a web application and live broadcasts is provided exclusively to registered participants.

Access to video recordings of sessions and slides will be provided to the forum participants after 25 April 2022. 

Exhibition visitors who have not paid for their participation in the forum, will not be able to access these services.

Live broadcast, simultaneous interpretation, questions to speakers

All sessions held in Sary Arka 1 Hall will be broadcasted live with two-way simultaneous translation into Russian and English.

Presentations of speakers presenting in-person and remotely will be simultaneously projected on conference screens and on the virtual broadcast platform of the forum.

Events held in Sary Arka 2 will not be broadcasted live.

Watching live broadcast

To watch the live broadcast of the forum sessions, open this link on the desktop and enter your Email and password, which you have received after your registration.

If you don’t remember your password, enter your Email and request password recovery. Check spam inbox if you have not received our email. If you cannot find the email in your inbox or spam, it means that you have entered an incorrect email.  Send a support request.

We recommend watching the broadcasts in Chrome and  Safari browsers on a computer screen at least 11 inches across. When viewing on mobile phones, some functions may not be active.

If the broadcast does not start automatically, click on Play.  If a player does not start, refresh your browser. If the video is still not playing or the sound is muted, please check the configuration of your browser or open the broadcast link in another browser.

Please note: 

If you’re using a corporate device or wi-fi your access to video streaming may be blocked. If that’s the case, we recommend using your own device and/or switching to a different wi-fi.

Web application on broadcast platform

Web application is built into the Forum live broadcast platform, giving remote participants the opportunity to network, schedule meetings and access relevant information in one window.

In-person and remote translation

Two-way translation from Russian and English will be available to in-person participants through IR receivers (provided at the entrance to Sary Arka 1 hall).

Remote participants will be able to watch the broadcast on the virtual platform using the language switch function.

How to send questions to speakers?

In-person participants will be able to ask speakers questions using a microphone.

Remote participants will be able to send questions through the chat window built into the broadcast platform. To address the question to a specific speaker, select his/her name from the drop-down list.

The received questions will be evaluated by the session moderators. If time allows, they will invite speakers to answer the most interesting questions.

Video recordings and slides

The video recordings of the live sessions will be edited and published along with the slides on the forum materials website after 25 April 2022. Access code and the link will be emailed to all registered participants.

If you would like to receive presentation slides before 25 April 2022, please contact speakers directly via mobile app or their web profile.

Mobile Web-application

Enhance your participation in the Forum with the mobile application.

To login, open the link and enter your Email and password (password), which you received after confirming your registration.

If you don’t remember your password, enter your Email used during registration and request a recovery. Check your spam if you don’t receive a link to create a new password. If the message did not arrive, you must have entered an invalid email address. Submit a support request via online form.

Mobile application user video guide

Creating app shortcut on mobile phone

Vote for MineDigital participants

Personal Profile

Create your personal profile adding photo, position, bio, interests, social media links and offers to other participants

Communication and meetings

Access the list of forum participants.

Search for specific people using keywords (position, education, interests, etc.)

Browse active participants

Add participants to your favourites list

Communicate with other participants via private chat.

Schedule, reschedule, or cancel meetings with other participants with the option to select time, physical place, or virtual meeting room.

All messages and meeting requests are sent in-app via push notifications and copied to your registered email.

Program and speakers

Access the latest version of the program

Review speaker profiles and presentations briefs

Plan participation in the selected events by adding them to your personal calendar

Opportunity to ask questions to speakers and moderators

Opportunity for speakers to leave comments and answers to questions from participants

Take part in MineDigital competition winner selection

Other features

Venue information

Access the current list of exhibitors, sponsors and partners with the option to add to them to “favourites”

Communicate with organisers via the online form

Evaluate the forum via the feedback form

Access Forum news