Session 10


Improving the productivity of mining and metallurgical plants - proven digital solutions and technologies


In recent years, Kazakhstan has been actively modernizing mining and metallurgical industries using digital technologies. Today, almost all IT companies offer digital solutions that promise to increase productivity, profits, and planning efficiency. The question is, will the results of innovation meet customer expectations? Which solutions will really stimulate the growth of local mining companies with their unique specifics, and which ones will lead to unjustified costs? Successful implementation of digital products, as well as their compatibility and resilience to cyber risks, plays an important role in their selection.

Technologies proposed for discussion

• The use of machine vision and artificial intelligence to control ore quality and technological processes
• Predictive maintenance of equipment
• Optimisation of production processes using artificial intelligence
• Improving the safety of industrial transport
• Complete digital solutions from mine to factory

Sergey Sidorkin
Social and Economic Policies of Regions Deputy Director on Socio-Economic Projects, PhD (Politics)
IMC Montan

16:30 - Optimising production processes M&M with artificial intelligence

Victor Portnov
Chief product officer
Conundrum Industrial Limited

16:45 - Optimisation of technological processes at Pustynnoe plant of JSC "AK Altynalmas" with AI powered apps

Andrei Tyan
IntelliSense - LAB

17:00 - Digital Core

Levon Kirakosyan
Intellectual Solutions

17:15 - Using Sales and Logistics tools to manage Commodity Trading Business

Rafal Walecki
Strategic Projects Manager

17:30 - Machine vision as a driver for improving the safety of industrial transport

Yevgeniy Lyubavin
LocoTech-Signal Asia

17:45 - Discussion

Q&As with presenters