Madi Makhmuduly


Senior Geophysicist
Aurora Minerals Group

Head of the geophysical division of Aurora Minerals Group. He has 7 years of experience in exploration geophysics. Graduated from the National Technical University named after K. Satpaev in specialization "Geology and exploration of mineral deposits". Started in 2014 as a field assistant at SPC Geoken he progressed to Senior Geophysicist in 2018. Since 2018, for a year and a half, he has driven airborne geophysical works in India as a project manager. Since 2020, he began his career in "Aurora Minerals Group". Madi's portfolio includes successfully completed projects as a responsible executive for such clients as Polymetal, Kazzinc, Geological Survey of India, and a number of other clients. Madi has written more than 30 reports, specialized in geological and geophysical interpretation and recommendations on exploration of gold and copper porphyry deposits, polymetallic and rare metal ores.

Session 6
07 April 2022 / 09:00 - 10:40 | Sary Arka 1

Application of modern high-resolution magnetics in iron ore exploration

The report highlights the results of combining of state-of-art ground magnetics and geological sampling, and thus allows to preliminary estimate the iron ore reserves at one of the skarn deposits in Central Kazakhstan. Combining the results of sample analysis and comprehensive interpretation of magnetic data, the coincidence of 40% Fe mineralization contours with 30,000 nT magnetic intensity in plainview was identified. 3D isosurface delineated by innovative 3D VOXI-powered inversion aids to calculate the geometric parameters and estimate inferred reserves of the iron ore. Reliability of the method will be concluded after comparison of the mathematically calculated geophysical model with the results of reserve estimation using traditional methods (drilling). Thus, if the conclusion is positive, it generates the framework , when large volumes of network-based drilling are not required at the advanced stage, just single verification profiles are sufficient. Hence, it results in significant reduction of the exploration costs. The presented model has a number of conditionalities, however, it is an example of effective application of state-of-art geophysics in calculating the economic model of iron ore objects at early exploration stages.