Session 6


Exploration - Resources for Growth and Efficiency


Minerals are not an endless resource. Between 2021-2025 The National Geological Exploration Project provisions the four times increase of the annual state funding of geological exploration in Kazakhstan. The government is developing new mechanisms to stimulate the participation of national and international companies in the search for new deposits and the development of promising areas. Considering the huge mass of land, the effectiveness of geological exploration in Kazakhstan largely depends on the use of advanced technologies. Besides explorers’ luck, modern geology relies on advanced technologies, comprehensive analysis of data, and the high competence of specialists.

Discussion themes

• First annual results national geological exploration project of Kazakhstan.
• Evaluation of exploration results and development scenarios for promising areas.
• New approaches and technologies for qualitative forecasting and evaluation of mineral resources.
• Application of 3D scanning and autonomous unmanned aerial vehicles in geological exploration.
• 3D underground surveys and 3D geological modelling.
• Prospects for wider use of aeromagnetic survey technologies using UAVs.
• Ground-based electrical surveys technology in action.
• Prospects for digitalisation of geological industry to increase prospectively and drive down the costs.

Pavel Shevchenko
Development Director for Eurasian Direction, Competent person MIMMM, Mining Engineer
IMC Montan

09:00 - Digitalization in NAC Kazatomprom

Bakhytzhan Imazhanov
Director, Digital transformation department

09:10 - Improving the efficiency of junior companies in the light of modern challenges

Aleksandr Frolov
Customer solutions team lead

09:25 - Drones, DCIP and drilling: Modern geophysics to de-risk mineral exploration in Kazakhstan

Tim Archer
Managing Director
Reid Geophysics

09:40 - Solid minerals exploration based on innovative and adaptive standards of ground, airborne and underground geophysics

Elvira Belousova
Leading geophysicist

09:50 - Methodology for assessing the prospects of territories for porphyry mineralisation

Sergey Petrov
Executive director

10:05 - Application of modern high-resolution magnetics in iron ore exploration

Madi Makhmuduly
Senior Geophysicist
Aurora Minerals Group

10:20 - The experience of studying porphyry systems of Kazakhstan by geophysical methods.

Yuriy Davydenko
​Executive Director
Siberian School of Geosciences INRTU

10:30 - Discussion

Q&As with presenters