Aurora Minerals Group is implementing ESG policies in exploration activities

Source: Aurora Minerals Group 
Aurora Minerals Group is committed to implementing ESG (environmental, social, governance) policies in its exploration activities. ESG environmental principles are reflected in the preparation of drilling sites during drilling operations.

When preparing drilling sites, the goal is to create a safe work area for personnel and minimize the impact of operations on the environment. In particular, the drilling site is fenced in with a tight signal fence to prevent intrusion by unauthorized persons, wild animals and pets. In addition, a banner with company information, contact numbers and a list of necessary personal protective equipment is posted in front of the site entrance.

Inside the site, storage areas for fuel and lubricants, pallets for them, separation of waste into different containers, depending on the type of formation, are organized. In addition, a smoking area, a container for cigarette butts, and a fire extinguisher are organized. Furthermore, drilling rigs and transport are equipped with oil spill response kits (OSR).

Waterproofing is arranged under the machines to prevent the penetration of fuel and technical liquids into the soil.

Preparation of an earthen sump, the topsoil layer is cut off by the bulldozer blade and moved to a new location. In the future, the removed top soil will be used for the reclamation of disturbed land.

The pre-excavated sumps are also fenced to prevent wild and domestic animals from falling into them.

At the beginning of works, the sump is fenced with a rigid fence protecting the personnel from falling and is waterproofed by laying polyethylene on the bottom, walls and channels (gutters). After the well is completed, the sump is pumped out, and the polyethylene is removed.

When the wells are completed, the clarified liquid phase is pumped out for further use or disposal. After clearing the site, excavation work is carried out to return and flatten the previously-stored fertile layer.

The Group intends to continue to work to improve exploration practices and implement ESG policies.

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