Ecology and Industry of Kazakhstan / Kazakhstan Business Council for Sustainable Development

As the WBCSD Regional Network partner since 2003, BCSD Kazakhstan,, unites the largest companies of mining and metallurgy, power, oil and gas, chemistry and machinery sectors, environmental consultancy and service companies, which consider ESG standards as an integral part of their business activity. Our Mission is to support the 17SDGs in Kazakhstan and to promote business as a leader of environmentally effective innovations and local community development. Our Journal “Ecology and Industry of Kazakhstan” (ISSN 2311-536X, since 2004) is a quarterly-based issue of expert reviews, best practice trends and forecasts in ESG aspects at national and local level to promote WBCSD strategies and guidelines. Our new 2021-2030 Initiative “Natural Capital and Sustainable Markets: A new holistic approach to the management of natural resources for extractive industry in Kazakhstan”, We Value Nature (, to identify opportunities to Achieve Net Zero goal and aims in carbon trading strategies through the Nature Climate Solutions and projects in alternative economic sectors.