Agency Marketing from Timchenko

The Marketing from Timchenko agency specializes in industrial and industrial marketing. Developer and provider of marketing solutions for leading global manufacturing companies from the metallurgical, metalworking, mining, engineering and other industries.

The agency has many years of proven experience in practical solutions: an integrated approach is combined with knowledge of the industrial market and the individual needs of each client.

The Marketing from Timchenko team creates and sets high standards for industrial marketing as an effective, meaningful and aesthetic tool for business promotion and growth.

Experts in the field:

- support and consulting when entering the market

- operational marketing: exhibitions, industry events, design and printing

- reputation management and anti-crisis communications

- marketing audit and market potential analysis

- development of positioning and brand promotion. Form style

- work with the media and the formation of public opinion

Marketing from Timchenko acts as a partner of the largest industry events in Russia, such as the Metalworking exhibition, the Russian Industrial Week, the Minex international conference, the Smart Industry exhibition and conference, etc. | +7 916 677 30 50 |