Francois du Toit


Consultant Geotechnical Engineer
SRK Consulting (Kazakhstan)

Francois du Toit (AAusIMM) is a geotechnical engineering consultant with experience in both construction and mining industries. Currently, Francois specializes in the field of tailings engineering, engaging with projects throughout the entire tailings storage facility lifecycle. He has participated in the audit and design review of multiple tailings storage facilities throughout Kazakhstan and Russia.

Session 5
06 April 2022 / 16:40 - 18:00 | Sary Arka 1

TSF Monitoring as an Aide to TARP Development for Closure

Monitoring results are used in the development of Trigger Action Response Plans (TARPs), which address tailings storage facility (TSF) performance outside of expected ranges. TARPs and monitoring are required throughout all stages of the TSF lifecycle (including closure) in accordance with GISTM. The presentation will briefly discuss the advantage of adequate monitoring throughout the TSF lifecycle and how the results can be used to inform the development of TARPs for the closure phase.