Evgenii Ermolin


General Director

General Director of the geophysical service company "GM Service" Ltd. since 2012. In 2008 I graduated from St. Petersburg Mining University. In 2011 I defended my Ph.D. thesis on the magnetotelluric direction. 2011-2015 taught at the Department of Geophysics of St. Petersburg Mining University. Author of more than 75 scientific works. The main area of research: the use of electrical methods (AMTS, near-field transient EM sounding, resistivity methods and IP) in combination with the magnetic survey, ground-based gravimetry and geochemistry results to solve various geological problems; the development of technologies for data processing (audio) of magnetotelluric sounding and interpretation of magnetovariational research data; improvement of methods for processing magnetic survey and gamma spectrometry data obtained using UAVs.

Business track - 6 April
06 April 2022 / 13:45 - 17:00 | Sary Arka 2

Modern strategies for prospecting ore deposits

Based on experience in prospecting for deposits of solid minerals, a strategy for the localization of ore provinces and ore fields has been proposed.