Borys Vorobyov



Borys Vorobyov, Ph.D. (Information technologies), CEO of SightPower Inc. Borys started his career working for Kharkiv National University (Ukraine). He managed numerous projects, related to modelling for oil and gas exploration in West Siberia, and water reservoir design system in Crimea (Ukraine). After academic scholarship at Imperial College, London, UK, Borys and his team were engaged to the contract with Royal School of Mines (Imperial College, London) developing a unique processing engine for fractured seismic data of the region of Norway Sea. Borys moved to Canada in 1998. He was the principal founder of Ambercore Inc. heading the development of LiDAR point cloud solution acquired by Autodesk. In 2011 he co-founded SightPower Inc.(, a company focused on digital transformation of mining industry, 3D visualization, construction, BIM, and infrastructural projects. In 2016 Borys co-founded the Arvizio Inc., the company focused on the development of mixed and augmented reality enterprise systems (

Business track - 7 April
07 April 2022 / 09:15 - 10:30 | Sary Arka 2

SightPower Digital Mine: the breakthrough technology for digital transformation of mining business

SightPower is headquartered in Ottawa, Canada with offices and development centers in Johannesburg, South Africa and Kharkiv, Ukraine. SightPower globally provides digital transformation of a mine site and integration of all mining operations under the trademark Digital MineTM. The concept of Digital Mine assumes integration into unified informational space data provided by monitoring, IoT and fleet management systems, simulation and modelling systems which are being used. Digital Mine facilitates to make effective business decisions by providing uninterrupted access to the newly collected and historical mine spatial data. Digital MineTM concept helps to optimize mine-to-mill operations providing operational transparency and effective microplanning. Implementation of Digital MineTM concept is based on Mine AdvisorTM platform which includes suite of instruments for geological modeling, mine design and planning, automated surveying with laser-based technologies. SightPower suggests best-in-class visualization engine with practically unlimited capabilities to combine spatial data of any type and volume