Alexander Kleymyuk


Deputy General Director
Mud Master

Alexander Kleymyuk is the Deputy General Director and co-owner of MUD MASTER. Alexander has a degree in chemical engineering and started his career at Halliburton Company in their drilling fluid research laboratory. During his career, he was a representative of Baroid IDP in CIS and further engaged in the development of new solutions of drilling fluids for mineral exploration drilling and HDD. He developed new drilling fluid types which have been successfully used in Russia, Kazakhstan, Australia, South Africa, Guinea, Middle Asia, and other countries.

Business track - 6 April
06 April 2022 / 13:45 - 17:00 | Sary Arka 2

How to Increase efficiency and reduce drilling costs through the correct use of innovative drilling tools and fluids in core drilling

Using high-quality innovative drilling tools and drilling fluids components for drilling in difficult conditions minimizes human error and reduces the requirements for drilling staff knowledge qualification. High-quality drill rods can drill up to 20,000 meters, and innovative drilling fluid components are effective in concentrations from 0.005%.