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Weir Motion Metrics is an international Canadian corporation that, since 2004, based on its own development of deep learning algorithms for artificial intelligence neural networks and computer 3D stereovisualization machine vision, has been successfully producing and selling around the world a complete ecosystem of effective innovative high-tech solutions for optimizing the particle size distribution of rocks from BVR. to the Factory, as well as full control of the condition of the bucket and teeth of excavators and loaders. The entire Motion Metrics ecosystem works in real time to help mining companies save $ 30 million or more annually in proven economic value in preventing crushing and conveying equipment downtime + improving mine safety, productivity and energy efficiency. The smart Motion Metrics ecosystem includes 4 core solutions: PortaMetrics ™ is a handheld system for instant, high-quality, “here and now” rock particle size fragmentation analysis at a safe distance from pit walls, slopes and operating heavy equipment without the use of the Internet or clouds. ShovelMetrics ™ is a system that allows you to analyze the fragmentation of the grain size composition of the rock in each bucket of an excavator, and in time to instantly detect oversized, missing inter-tooth segments and bucket teeth, as well as to assess the degree of their wear in advance. TruckMetrics ™ is a system that allows you to analyze particle size distribution in each dump body, as well as instantly identify oversized bodies in the bodies and monitor the volume of cargo for all general and average indicators with an accurate plot of load distribution. BeltMetrics ™ is a system for continuous analysis of rock particle size distribution on a conveyor belt, which also monitors the volume of the load, instantly notifies of any congestion in the grooves and voids on the belt, builds an effective load distribution plot. The company is headquartered in Vancouver, Canada with direct sales and support offices on all 6 continents and virtually all countries, including Russia in Moscow. Motion Metrics offers the supply, installation, installation, commissioning of the entire ecosystem or its individual systems on a turnkey basis. In Russia, this task is performed by a direct separate subsidiary of Weir Motion Metrics Rus LLC. A round-the-clock service and information support of the corporation is always ready to help all partners.